Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paint is....

We finally got it all done.  It took 2 weeks and 2 days to paint the entire (almost) house.  We did all the ceilings, all the trim, and almost every room.  Cambrie chose to keep her room the lovely green shade it was.  It feels so nice to have all the major stuff done!  So, do you want to see?
Lets start in the Living Room- Before
Kitchen Before

So I did decided to go with the Chase color (living room).  I was a little scared at first thinking it looked a lot like toothpaste.  But I think it looks much better all over the walls.  The Green is not the CEO I mentioned before.  It was too blue.  I took the CEO gallon back to Kwals to see if they could change it.  I had 2  different samples from Martha Stewart's paint line and asked to get it closer to those.  Her colors were artichoke heart and Timothy Hay.  One was too dark the other too yellow.  The guy there was really helpful and said he thought he knew what direction I was trying to go.  Good thing he did!  It turned out great.  It's actually Blake's favorite color in the house.  Which really surprised me!  I had these great dish towels to help me figure out the colors as well.  Aren't they great?  I found them at Kmart!  I haven't been in there for years!
(picture is from House of Smiths.  She showed it on her blog and that's when I ran to Kmart-knowing it would be perfect!)
I'm thinking of doing something fun with that pattern in my laundry room....
So that's the main part of the house.  Show you more later!