Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paint on WALLS

One HUGE step!  We have paint on some walls!  It's so exciting to finally be able to see progress.  Ceilings just don't do it for me.  Yes they make a ginormous difference, but you really notice the walls.
Basement half old, half new
White ceiling, shiny white trim, and Mushroom Basket on the walls.
There is one coat on them but it's looking great!  It's so much brighter and happier down there now.
Big pile of tape from upstairs.  The kids are having fun playing with these as we take them down.  They call them tape babies.  Oh, to be so easily amused!
Now we will start working on the upstairs walls....
Say goodbye to these dark brown walls.  The pictures really make it look better than it is.  It's so dark in there! 


Jordy and Stephy said...

Wow! This house looks so cute I want to come see! I didn't realize you guys bought yet! Yay paint, holler if you could use some help I know how terribly tedius painting can be!! Id love to help!

Michelle said...

The basement looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see it with your new carpet and all your stuff in it! Looks like you guys have been way busy! It'll all be worth it, it's looking so good!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

I am loving Mushroom Basket...I hope I can see it when we come out next week!