Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paint on WALLS

One HUGE step!  We have paint on some walls!  It's so exciting to finally be able to see progress.  Ceilings just don't do it for me.  Yes they make a ginormous difference, but you really notice the walls.
Basement half old, half new
White ceiling, shiny white trim, and Mushroom Basket on the walls.
There is one coat on them but it's looking great!  It's so much brighter and happier down there now.
Big pile of tape from upstairs.  The kids are having fun playing with these as we take them down.  They call them tape babies.  Oh, to be so easily amused!
Now we will start working on the upstairs walls....
Say goodbye to these dark brown walls.  The pictures really make it look better than it is.  It's so dark in there! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*The Pantry*

I love organized things.  They make me smile and feel all happy inside!  So I am starting now on getting my pantry organized.  My mom and I found these amazing containers.  They are square and have pop tops that keep it sealed and easy to get into.  Hopefully the shape will fit better inside the pantry.  (I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond but found them at Target also.)
I labeled it myself using my new Silhouette machine! It was my first project with it let me say it took some time.  A few trial and errors, but with some help from my mom, I finally got it! I plan to label everything I possibly can.  Then everything should get put away in the right place :)  Happy thoughts!
There has been lots of posts around blog land lately about this same project.  It has been very nice to see what others are doing and what is working for them.  Here is some I have found:
The next few are from Prepared NOT Scared!  I love the whole post she has, here is the link
I think it would be great to have my measuring cups hanging right near my sugar and flour containers.  Another plus is they would be there and not in the kids toys!  Why is it they always like my "toys" better?
Do you have any great tips or ideas?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day What?

I don't know what day it is anymore!  They seem to all cram together.  We are STILL painting ceilings, baseboards, and trim.  BUT we awesome father-in-law, figured out how to paint "the spot".  You know the one no one can reach because it's right over the stairs.  Yep, that one.
The boys got two ladders and borrowed a pallet from the neighbor.  Then I heard, Hey don't come out for awhile.  So I did.  And I took pictures.  Which I was told not to show anyone unless it worked...HA.  Good thing it worked!
the set up
testing, testing...
here we go!
They got "the spot" done.  Thank you very much.
And thank you for no injuries!
On a different note.  I think I have paint colors chosen!  YEAH!  Choosing paint is so hard!
I am thinking of doing a blue in the living room and maybe a green in the kitchen.
Or keeping the blue in the kitchen too.  Can't decided.  Blake thinks do the green.  What do you think?
The colors are from Kwal.  The blue is called Chase and the Green is CEO.  I am trying to find little samples of them.  I will show you when I find some!
*edit- Blake wanted everyone to know that the pallet and ladder idea was his too. 
*edit again- the pallet was his idea.  I'm really not sure.  Im just getting told that he should get credit too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

work day #4

I have the best kids.  They sleep anywhere-even hard floors, play with anything-mops anyone?-and don't complain-much.  This whole house thing isn't too exciting for them!
Today we spent the day cutting in the ceilings upstairs, tapeing upstairs and finishing (hopefully) baseboards in the basement.  Jenne wins the award for the best and fastest taper!  Thanks so much for your help! 
No good tips or tricks today.  Just good ol'work.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 3

Hubs most favorite thing in the world to do is most definitely NOT painting.  That being said, the last 2 days he has been doing lots of it.  Not necessarily happily either, but all the same doing it.  As we were getting ready to go and do some more painting Miss C asked a great question.  It really conveys the feelings toward our house at the moment.  The conversation went like this
Miss C:  Where are you going?
Hubs:  To Purgatory.
Miss C:  Is that far away?
Hubs:  No, it's really close...
She got real concerned about him leaving for a long time and to somewhere far away.  He was so ornery about painting!  I couldn't get him to smile or talk or anything.

Things are starting to look different today!  We got 3 coats of paint up on the ceiling in the basement.  They were painted a tan color and we decided to brighten it up a little.  They are now white. And the baseboards all have a good coat of white on them as well.  It's a lot of work!  We had some more help today and it sure makes a difference! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Project

This is the project right now.  The one that will take lots of time but will (hopefully) be totally worth it!

We -or really the cute hubs and awesome father-in-law- ripped up carpet.  First step done!
We have very nice built-ins.  Our nice t.v won't fit in there... Thats a different project.
Mom and I washed walls and baseboards.  I learned a great trick from my cousin.  Go buy dollar store mops.  It saves your back and knees.  Just buy a few they don't last the entire house.  It was so nice and fast doing it that way though!
The plan is to be there all day tomorrow...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here we Are

I love to pretend I am really crafty.
I scrapbook occasionally but I love to buy new things.
I have a sewing machine I want to get out again. I have lots of repurposing ideas floating around in my head.
I want to try my hand at refinishing furniture.
I have ideas. Sometimes they work.
We just bought a new home and thought what a great time to put this all together!
Come with me on our little adventure.
I am excited to share what ideas I have and would love your input as well!