Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty in Pink Garland

My sweet sister-in-law is pregnant with her first baby.  She is very excited and super scared, just like most of us are!  The unknown can be a very scary thing!
She was able to travel home for Thanksgiving so we threw her a quick shower.  She had a good group of people come support her, even the day before Thanksgiving! 
I wanted to decorate and make it fun, but not over the top.  So I started with my Silhouette Machine and selected a flower.  I cut out of ton of them to make a little garland to go across the window.
Then I quickly sewed them together.  It was so much fun!  You don't have to worry about straight lines or anything.  Just zip them out!
Then I cut out some more flowers making them bigger than the last and cut out some letters.  Glued the letters on then punched 2 holes on each flower threading some pink ribbon thru to hang them up.
And there we had a soft little backdrop.

More to come later!  The dessert table turned out cute too.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be Grateful

I know, it's after Thanksgiving and everyone has moved onto Christmas.  But I thought this one was worth sharing.  Maybe you can remember it for next year.
We have a thankful wall each year.  It starts on November 1 and ends on Thanksgiving.  Each day we try and remember to write or draw something we are thankful for.
Somedays it can be a challenge.  But it sure is fun to look back and read them! 
We keep it pretty simple.  I cut a bunch of different leaves out using my Silhouette Machine this year.  Last year, I printed off a bunch and cut them out.  Either way works just fine!  Then we simply stick it on the wall using that magic blue stuff.  I never remember what it's called.  It keeps the papers up there great though. 
Sometimes, we have to do 2 a day because we forget to do it the day before.  But Shhhh, its our secret.  Really you can do it however works best for your family.  It's a fun way to see what your kids are thinking about too.  We got Candy a lot from my 2 year old. 
I hope that gives you an idea on how to make Thanksgiving a bigger deal around your house!  I know it does for ours.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pirate Mickey

Wow. It took me long enough!
I finally got around to finishing the Mickey shirt for my little man.
I did it about the same as I did the Minnie Mouse shirt.
I tried using a knit fabric for his Mickey. It was harder to work with, but ended up okay.
(If you don't look too closely!)
I used wonder under to adhere the layers to the shirt.
I free-handed the pirate hat then stitched around each layer.

This is my little man in action.
He loves his Pirate Mickey!
It's been fun using shirts they all ready have and transforming them into something new!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Money for Candy

There is a dentist close to us that will buy your Halloween candy from you the week after Halloween.  $2.00 a pound is what they pay.  I think it's a great way to get rid of some of the excess candy.  Especially the kind I don't want my little kids eating or the ones they won't.  i.e. gum, red hots.
We took our bag in today and got $3.00.
A very easy way to earn a little more spending money for our vacation!
What do you do with all that candy?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mickey Count Down

I broke out my sewing machine today.  It's been sitting around neglected for some time now.  But we are going on vacations soon.  Not any vacation, we are taking our kids to Disney World! 
I am SOOO excited!
They don't know anything about it.  Well, they know we are going on vacation and flying on a plane, but that's it.
Because my little 4 year old wants EVERYTHING I decided I better be a little prepared.
I decided to make her some little shirts she can wear.  That way we won't need to buy any!
I made a little Minnie Mouse shirt by tracing a Mickey Mouse face.  Then used Wonder-Under with some red polka dot fabric and ironed it on.  I stitched around it with my sewing machine giving it a little more of a finished look.  Minne needed a bow of course, just tacked that right on.

I know she will love all the princesses.  So she needed  a princess shirt.  She had a cute purple shirt that was in here drawer all ready.  I used my Silhouette Machine to cut out the princess lettering, stars, and crowns.  Then ironed it right on.

I put a little crown on the back.  I think its fun to have something there too!
 Put a few little stars on the bottom.
 It was so fun putting these together!
I guess I need to figure out something for my little man.  Maybe a Mickey face would work for him too.  I just need to look for a shirt he already has that will work!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Fall

I did it, I got started with my fall decorations.  Plus my laundry is all caught up.  A productive day I must say.  We even had dinner ready at a decent time!
I don't have nearly as much fall/Thanksgiving decor as I do Halloween.  But that could really be a good thing. 
My mantle is started.

Something doesn't feel right about it yet.  I guess I will keep tweaking as the days go by...
I think I like this, as long as my 2 year old will leave it alone!
It's the top of a cedar chest in my living room.  Those are real pumpkins with spanish moss in the bottom of the hurricane .  I thought it was fun to have something real.  Doesn't happen much around here!
How are your mantle, book shelves, tables coming along?

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