Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Twist Do

Now that Halloween is over I need to switch my mind over to Thanksgiving and Christmas!  So in the mean time lets do another hair do.
This one is a little harder than some.  But not too bad.  I just like to borrow some hands.
If you start out on the left side, or smaller side of the part, it makes it a little easier.  That way you get the hang of it before messing with more hair.
Take a small vertical section and cross them over each other creating a twist.
Then take small section from bottom to top, combine with one section of twist and cross over again.  Does that make sense?  Keep twisting and gather until you get to the middle then keep twisting your section to the ends of the hair and use a small elastic to hold.  Now borrow a hand and have them hold the section while you do the same thing to the other side.
I like to start this one higher so you can see it a little from the front.  Do all the same stuff and use an elastic on the end.
Now I like to twist the two together and join at the ends.  It doesn't stay well that way but It gives a little more texture and fun for the bun part.  I put another elastic on right where the two meet at the center part.  Then make a little bun out of it and hold with bobby pins. 
That's a lot of steps without pictures.  If you would like me to add more I would be more than happy to do so.  Just let me know!
Have fun with this one!

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