Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*The Pantry*

I love organized things.  They make me smile and feel all happy inside!  So I am starting now on getting my pantry organized.  My mom and I found these amazing containers.  They are square and have pop tops that keep it sealed and easy to get into.  Hopefully the shape will fit better inside the pantry.  (I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond but found them at Target also.)
I labeled it myself using my new Silhouette machine! It was my first project with it let me say it took some time.  A few trial and errors, but with some help from my mom, I finally got it! I plan to label everything I possibly can.  Then everything should get put away in the right place :)  Happy thoughts!
There has been lots of posts around blog land lately about this same project.  It has been very nice to see what others are doing and what is working for them.  Here is some I have found:
The next few are from Prepared NOT Scared!  I love the whole post she has, here is the link
I think it would be great to have my measuring cups hanging right near my sugar and flour containers.  Another plus is they would be there and not in the kids toys!  Why is it they always like my "toys" better?
Do you have any great tips or ideas?


Michelle said...

Oh I wish I could be as organized as you! Don't think that's EVER going to happen though :).

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Oh, to have a pantry that looks like those! I absolutely love that first one. I mean, I would never think to put a cute paint treatment (or wallpaper) in my pantry, but it looks awesome!

And I am so excited for your silouette cutter--that's awesome!