Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day What?

I don't know what day it is anymore!  They seem to all cram together.  We are STILL painting ceilings, baseboards, and trim.  BUT we awesome father-in-law, figured out how to paint "the spot".  You know the one no one can reach because it's right over the stairs.  Yep, that one.
The boys got two ladders and borrowed a pallet from the neighbor.  Then I heard, Hey don't come out for awhile.  So I did.  And I took pictures.  Which I was told not to show anyone unless it worked...HA.  Good thing it worked!
the set up
testing, testing...
here we go!
They got "the spot" done.  Thank you very much.
And thank you for no injuries!
On a different note.  I think I have paint colors chosen!  YEAH!  Choosing paint is so hard!
I am thinking of doing a blue in the living room and maybe a green in the kitchen.
Or keeping the blue in the kitchen too.  Can't decided.  Blake thinks do the green.  What do you think?
The colors are from Kwal.  The blue is called Chase and the Green is CEO.  I am trying to find little samples of them.  I will show you when I find some!
*edit- Blake wanted everyone to know that the pallet and ladder idea was his too. 
*edit again- the pallet was his idea.  I'm really not sure.  Im just getting told that he should get credit too.


Aubrey said...

I think green too! We are so excited to see it!!! I am thankful that there were no injuries either!

Charlotte said...

Very glad for no injuries. I hope that ladder was more stable than it looks in pictures! I think I would have to see pictures of the green before I could decide, but I did find the blue and it looks really cute!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

So I love that the guys said not to come out when they were rigging the stairwell...reminds me of Daniel! He knows I would probably freak out if I saw some of his "problem solvers"!

So in my geekiness, I looked up your colors, and I really like them both. Good luck deciding on the kitchen, though. I love a little variety, but it is also nice to join spaces by using the same color in them. Your house looks beautiful!

Stevensons said...

Looked up the colors on The "green" actually looks like it's in the blue family even though I see the swatch seperately and it looks green. I mean, I think the blue is greenish and the green bluish. I might feel diff w/the colors in front of me. I think both would be great but I lean towards Chase. Peaceful, versatile, fresh. ;)