Thursday, January 27, 2011


I did it! By my goal time even. Yes I am excited, the laundry room is finished.

Here is what I ended up putting on my wall.  I wanted to do some fun stencil.  I just could never decide on what.  So I finally found this image from Silhouette and made it big.  Then cut it out of vinyl.  It works and I am liking it more and more.  It's better than the blank wall!
In the cupboard I put these two cute containers to help organize the room better.  One is for clothes the kids grow out of and need to be donated or boxed.  The other is for the dirty kitchen towels.  I labeled them with the Silhouette too.  I am really liking my machine, can you tell? 
I also put a little image over here peeking out at you.  It's fun. 
It's not as dramatic as I was hoping for but until I find something that absolutely screams at me, this will be great!  In the mean time I am loving having a place to hang my coat!


Meg said...

I think it's fun. I love the color...very bright and cheerful. :)
I hope you can join my link party going on today. Each entry means your eligible for $130 to CSN!
Have a great day!

Gayle said...

YAY for you Melissa! It turned out really cute and it didn't hurt at all, huh? LOL

Hey, I posted some finished pictures of my kitchen on my blog awhile ago - if you'd like to take a look come on over!

Michelle said...

Very cute!!! Love your Valentine decorations too! You are so cute and crafty... me, not so much! Guess how many valentine decorations I have... zero! Wait, I guess one if you count the heart wreath on my door... but that's about it!