Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laundry Update

I have been cleaning, clearing and trying to organize everything.  It seems like that's what everyone is up to!  It's nice to get rid of so much junk. 
The Laundry room is coming along.  I found a coat hanger at Target that is going to work great. 
I hung a shelf up that has these little baskets.  My hope is to label them.  One for the hubby, he can put his keys, wallet, phone, and anything he wants into it.  One for me.  The other I think will be a good spot for mail or papers that need to be looked at.
I hung the Swiffer, and diaper bag on the wall that's next to the dryer.  hopefully that will help them get put where they belong.   Oh, and the plastic bag holder got hung as well.  No more of it getting pushed all over the floor!
-Ha the diaper bag isn't there.  Hmm, my plan isn't working already.  Have to work on that!
Now I just need to make final decisions on the paint.  I know, I did it a little backwards by hanging things first.  But you see, my first plan was to paint where I hung everything.  So it would have been a big waste of time!  By hanging everything first I have a good view of where I want to accent.
I'm thinking a cluster of stuff right here.  My ideas is to trace some of the shapes off my living room rug and stencil them together. 
But my very favorite part of the day was all the help I got.

I couldn't do as good of a job without the help of my 2 favorite people and the orange tools.

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Shawn said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!