Friday, April 1, 2011

A little Trickery

April fools is a fun holiday.  I have never liked the mean or yucky stuff but we have had lots of fun with food.  Some things aren't what they look like...
Last year we ate out of funny dishes and had "eggs" for dessert.  It was vanilla ice cream with marshallow creme on top with a little yellow center. 
This year we made sponge cake.  Thanks to family fun magazine!  When I saw this idea I knew my kids would have fun working on this one.
The Halloween plates give it a nice touch too, don't you think?!
First you are suppose to start with 2 layes of sponges.  That gives it the nice name of sponge cake...
When I found a 6 pack of these scrubbers I thought they looked more fun.  They come in the nice round shape and were a little bigger.  So thats what we did.
Give the kids a knife and let them have at it.

Frosting the scrubbers was a little harder than I thought.  I ended up doing the sides for them.  They did a great job on the top.  Then they got to do their favorite part.
The Sprinkles

Once they got done eating, I mean putting on all the sprinkles, you really can't tell that it's scrubbers under there.  Very fun little project.  Even my littlest loved doing it.  He didn't want any help at all.  This is how his cake turned out.
  Don't you think Papa is going to love getting this?


Shawn said...

Zane's cake makes me laugh! I can just picture him wanting to do it all by himself. Such an independent little boy.

Michelle said...

What a cute idea :)! Did Blake think they were tastey :)!

Aubrey said...

Love this idea! I want to see pictures of the egg dessert!