Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New life

Years ago my grandma gave me a shelf for my birthday. 
 It was a cute shelf and it got a home in my little girls room. 
Until we moved to this house and it really didn't match anymore.
~Ah Ha!~
Bring on the spray paint and a nice sunny day.
I have been waiting for a nice day all winter long to do this!
Hello cute little girly shelf.
I first took Kilz spray primer to it then some Heirloom White.
It hardly took any time at all!
I love the way she looks!
I am now in love with Heirloom white too.

So sweet!


Shawn said...

It's so strange! The shelf looks lite pink in the pictures, but I saw it in person and it was heirloom white. Funny. Here's to more spray paint and sunny days!

Tyler and Julia said...

VERY cute! You're so talented with these crafty things. I wish I knew how to decorate but I'm in kind of a rut. I'll need to have you come over & help me give my house a makeover some time! :)