Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Made Ice Cream

One thing on the summer list was to make ice cream.
I thought I would take a little different spin on it.  When I was in junior high I learned how to make ice cream in a can.  My sister and I would roll it back and forth to each other and had tons of fun.  Plus, got to eat delicious ice cream.  So I thought we could do that as a little activity!  Great idea, right?
Well, I didn't have any cans but found lots of different recipes online on how to do ice cream in freezer bags.  So that sounded just as good.  And we gave it a go. 
We filled our bags with all the ingredients.  Put ice and salt in the bigger freezer bag and started mushing it around.  Then we kept mushing it around.  And still mushed it.
After the 5 minutes when it was suppose to be done it was still just milk.  So we kept at it.
This was so messy!!!  Water was dripping everywhere.  Bags were popping open.  Hands were frozen.  But we were still smiling.
Finally after 15 minutes we checked it out....Still just milk.
Sadly, we ended up throwing it all out and dishing us up some not-so-homemade- mint chocolate chip ice cream.
We will mark this little activity down as a great big
I do need to mention that Miss C was a great sport the entire time.

Have you ever tried this?  Did it work for you?  What could I have done wrong?


Michelle said...

We had some friends from our ward over a few months ago and tried this, ha ha... same thing... it just stayed milky. We ended up putting our bags in the freezer though and when the ice cream hardened up a bit it was DELICIOUS!

Tanya said...

We make ice cream in bags fairly often...even attempted it as a group play date activity once with pretty good results. One trick is to do it in very small batches. I usually mix together about half a cup of 2% milk, a couple tbsp of whipping cream, a dash of vanilla and sugar to taste. Use rock salt to melt the ice instead of coarse or table salt.