Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer List

Did you make a summer to-do list this year?
We did!  And it's been lots of fun checking off activities we have done.
Ours is nothing too fancy.
The kiddos came up with most of the ideas.
It's my menu board I made a while back.  It's just a frame that I glued fabric to cardboard, added a little ric-rac, then placed behind the glass.  It's worked perfect for our summer list. 
It happily sits here, Information Central.
I must have been standing funny.  Everything looks like it's leaning a little...
Hope you are having lots of fun this summer!

1 comment:

Drew and Aubrey said...

Love it! I have a broken frame, one that isn't, and an extra piece of glass I now know what to do! Thanks!