Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple and Classy Word Art

Yesterday I had a bridal shower to go to.  I have been thinking and thinking of a gift, wanting to do something different.  So I started looking through Pinterest.  Wow you can find all sorts of things there!
This is what I came up with
Sorry, the lighting isn't very good.  I had to hurry and take the picture before we dashed out the door.

This was such a fast project!  I think I got it all done in 40 minutes.
I want to make one for me now too. 

Things you need to make it:
canvas (mine is from Hobby Lobby 16x20)
chipboard letters- any color
hot glue
spray paint

I figured out what I wanted it to say then glued the letters on with hot glue.  I used my big clear sewing ruler to help me keep things straight.
I had my chipboard on hand.  I used some of my much neglected scrapbook supplies!
After removing any strings from the hot glue we took this baby outside and spray painted it.
I used Heirloom White in Satin.
I didn't realize how bad the after pictures were!  Sorry. 
It really looked neat when it was all finished.
Love the simpleness of it.


Charlotte said...

Really cute! I love how quick & easy it looks too.

Drew and Aubrey said...

Love it!