Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"New" Lamp

 I got some long.over.due projects done this weekend.
It makes me so happy!
First is this little lamp that has been around forever.
It used to be gold.  But a few years ago I sprayed it black.
That was great.  But we needed a lamp in the living room and black just didn't feel right to me.
So I took it outside and sanded it down with 220 grit sand paper.
I sanded it because when I sprayed it the first time, well, it was my very first ever spray paint project.  I used the cheap paint, and it was a little windy.  So the paint wasn't very smooth. at all.
I decided a smooth lamp would be better.  Especially when it needs to be dusted...
Then came the spray paint.
I used Rustoluem Aqua and gave it 2 good coats.

It lightens every thing up.  Now, I want to go in and add some white glazing to it.  I think that will bring out some fun character!
One down, so many more projects to go!
  One of them is the table the lamp is sitting on.  I think it needs to be Heirloom white with some glass etching.  And maybe some stenciling on the bottom.
What do you think?


Chanelle said...

LOVE it! It turned out wonderful!

Jenny said...

I think it looks great! Fun color and a great shape too!

Michelle said...

Very cute!!! And I love that pictures of Cambrie and Zane by the lamp... so adorable :)!

Life With Lucy said...

Love the blue! It looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

I love your blog title! The lamp looks terrific, can't wait to see the table completed.....let's get cracking Fancy Schmancy. Stop by for a blog visit I'm your newest follower :)