Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hair Challenges

With my oldest starting school this year we have had lots of adjustments.
Like getting ready by 8:10 am.
With hair done and everything.
Sometimes it's been a challenge.
I feel like we get stuck on a hair style for awhile then forget about all the other cute stuff we have done.
So I have been thinking, I'm going to post something we do with her hair occasionally here.
This way it will help us remember and maybe give you a few ideas too!
Sound ok?
This one we did on a day that she has ballet after school.  It stays great all day, no matter how hard she plays.
Start by taking two flip through pony's on the front.  Then bring everything into a ponytail. 
Make a messy bun using little clips to secure in place.
Having the sides pulled back first helps it hold better.
She feels fancy and it stays.  Win/Win!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What a cute hairdo! Love it! So cute. Cambrie's lucky to have you as a Mom :).