Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candy Corn Fun

Miss. C and I had another nail painting sessions at our house.
We decided we needed sparkles this time!
We broke out all the supplies,
China Glaze nail polish
base and top coat
Then we got down to business.  And patiently waited this time for everything to dry.
I tried to fade the sparkles in.  It didn't really work exactly that way but I still like it.
Miss. C went with the full glitter.
Very age appropriate I think. 
My hands look so old!  I really need to use all the lotions I have.  And stop taking pictures right after I have done the dishes...
Anyway, these were fast. For the candy corn nail paint the orange part first.  After it's dry tape of the orange section you want to keep.  Then paint the yellow and white and take off the tape immediately.  Tada, add top coat and you are done!
We are having fun thinking up what's next for our Halloween nails!

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Kathie (Krafty Kat) said...

so cute! added to my Halloweeny Pinterest board!