Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Frank!

I think it's so fun that it is "cool" again to paint your nails.
We have been having fun at our house trying new things.  So when my mom gave me a really cute Halloween magnet, it gave me an idea.
Wouldn't Frank make the cutest nail design?
I think he turned out super cute!

After a little trial and error.  Like learning patience to wait for the polish to dry, it was pretty easy.
We used
Sally girl polish in Black, Green, and Glow in the Dark.
Scrapbook scissors
base coat and top coat

After giving a good base coat I painted the green for Franks nail and glow in the dark for all the others.  I'm pretty simple and thought green might be too much for me for all my fingers.
Let it DRY
Then do your tape mani.  This is a fun way to get different lines.  I cut the tape with the scrapbook scissors.  Which is a little difficult, at least it was for me.  Stick the tape to your hand for a sec, that way it's not as sticky.  Then put it on your nail and paint.  Take the tape off immediately.
I did this for Franks hair then on the tips of all my nails.
If you aren't trying to hurry and you press the tape down nice, you get a nice edge...
I then used craft paint for the eyes and mouth.
My tools of choice?
A pencil for whites of the eyes and toothpick for the black.  Toothpick for the smile as well.
I use what I have close by.
My fingers (man I need some lotion!) and Miss. C
And with our inspiration- Mr. Frankenstien

This was so fun to do!  And really not hard.  Just have patience...


Kids craft ideas said...

So fun! i love it, thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

So cute :)!

Megan said...

totally darling! thanks for linking up to MOM it Monday! :)

Drew and Aubrey said...

So cute!!! I will have to try this!