Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canning Grape Juice

We have a new-to-us house that has two big grape bushes in the back yard.  When we were signing papers for the house the owner brought us some yummy homemade grape juice.  I couldn't believe how fast my family drank it up!  I had this little crazy thought that kept coming back,
We should try it!!!
 So that's what we have been doing today!
The whole process looked scary.  But I am very pleased to say it wasn't bad at all.
Want the steps?
  1. Have little hands make a mess help with the water; wash the grapes.
  2.  Put the steam juicer all together with water in the bottom, grapes in the top, stems and all.
  3. Boil and wait- about 60 mins. after you see steam.
  4. Pour juice into warm bottles (put bottles in oven at 200 degrees) screw on caps that are warm.
  5. Process in steam canner for 15 min.
  6. Delight when the lids make their popping noise.
  7. Have yummy, no sugar added, healthy for you, homemade juice!
It was really that simple.  I think it's crazy that my green grapes made pink juice...where does the pink come from? 
But you know what?  I will do it again!


Anonymous said...

Mmm...Mmm...Good. Guess the grapes can stay for at least one more year.

richfam said...

Looks good, Melissa!