Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finished and Decorated

Remember this little guy?  It was a while age, I just keep forgetting to show you the paint results.  I even put some Halloween Decor on him. 
Here he is now:

There is still a few things I think I want to do.  I want to do a cool glass etching to the top and maybe mod podge on some fabric to the bottom.  Just haven't found the right fabric yet.  Maybe I will look at paper?  Anyone tried that?
You need to see the top! 
Mom and I made a this new creepy crawly wreath.  I saw a similar one around blog land but don't remember where...  It was really easy and fast.  I am really liking projects like that!  We added the sign.  I think its fun, I seem to have a thing with spiders and Halloween.

This is how the room is turning out.  I like the table in there but now I need a lamp to go on it! 


Annie said...


I made the spider project you posted a few weeks ago this morning. My kids loved it!

If I were you, if I was going to modge podge either paper OR fabric I'd test it on the bottom of the table. Like underneath. I've had some bubble trouble in the past. Some turn out ok in the end-I've had it go both ways. I'm not sure what the trick is. I've heard only do the bottom of the paper first and then let it dry and then coat the top. Didnt seem to make a diff last time. You'll have to let me know!

Cap Creations said...

Thanks for stoping by! That spider wreath is great! Love it!