Thursday, October 21, 2010

Next up

My next big thing?
~The Garage~
yikes!  We moved in about 3 months and the garage is still a resting place for all kinds of stuff.  The weather has been great and I thought I should tackle getting the garage up and running before it gets cold.  Or maybe even snows....I know it will happen, just not ready for it!
So far I have hung 2 strollers on the back wall, rolled 3 bikes around, moved tools around 4 different times, and tried to figure out the best placement of everything at least 5 times. 

I'll be back at it today.  I would love to figure out how to keep everything in their own organized areas.


Blake said...

I organized it once and thought it was fine. Just sayin'

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Blake sounds a lot like Daniel, Melissa! Good luck with that project. It always takes me a few tries before I get my organization right!