Sunday, September 26, 2010


Wow, where have I been?

I finished painting that side table!  Pictures coming soon.  Need to put something fun on top of it!

We have been doing preschool.  We learned about clouds and rain and made our very own cloud pictures after reading the story, It Looks Like Spilt Milk.  The story went great with the project!  It was quick and very easy and they both loved it!
All you have to do is fold your paper in half, open it up, drop white paint on paper wherever you want, fold paper and smoosh.  Open and see what designs you have made.  Viola!

Display proudly!
We are gearing up to get out the Halloween Decorations.   Have some fun ideas on the way!

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Aubrey said...

This is so fun and a great idea! C taught me the weather song she learned in preschool and when I didn't get it right she said, "Here i'll help you again" I can't wait to see you guys!