Monday, September 6, 2010

Chore Cards

I am always lookng for new ways to encourage Miss C to do chores or help around the house. We have been using the Land of Obey Chart she got from preschool. It's worked great until just recently when she told me it didn't matter if she got moved backwards. She would just move forward tomorrow. I wanted to scream. In all reality; she is right, but that's not how it is suppose to work! So when I found these cute
chore cards I was very excited!

They are from a great blog called, Prepared NOT Scared. Here is the link to the toddler chore charts.  She has made a bunch of them for girls or boys. You just need to print them off. I thought they were so great I would share them with you. Just in case you needed something too!  It is most definately on my to do list.

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