Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mickey Count Down

I broke out my sewing machine today.  It's been sitting around neglected for some time now.  But we are going on vacations soon.  Not any vacation, we are taking our kids to Disney World! 
I am SOOO excited!
They don't know anything about it.  Well, they know we are going on vacation and flying on a plane, but that's it.
Because my little 4 year old wants EVERYTHING I decided I better be a little prepared.
I decided to make her some little shirts she can wear.  That way we won't need to buy any!
I made a little Minnie Mouse shirt by tracing a Mickey Mouse face.  Then used Wonder-Under with some red polka dot fabric and ironed it on.  I stitched around it with my sewing machine giving it a little more of a finished look.  Minne needed a bow of course, just tacked that right on.

I know she will love all the princesses.  So she needed  a princess shirt.  She had a cute purple shirt that was in here drawer all ready.  I used my Silhouette Machine to cut out the princess lettering, stars, and crowns.  Then ironed it right on.

I put a little crown on the back.  I think its fun to have something there too!
 Put a few little stars on the bottom.
 It was so fun putting these together!
I guess I need to figure out something for my little man.  Maybe a Mickey face would work for him too.  I just need to look for a shirt he already has that will work!


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

How fun! What a good idea! I have read about a family who bought Disney souvenirs before their trip, took them with them, and gave them to their kids while they were there, that way you avoid the "magical" prices in the park.

Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... said...

Over from T& J Link Party...this is something my daughter would love. Have a great trip!!!

Aubrey said...

Love it!!! That is such a great idea...

Seamingly Smitten said...

What fun shirts!! I love the little ribbon on the Mickey shirt and I can't believe you made the Princess shirt. It looks better than store bought! Please add these to my linky party and giveaway

Anonymous said...

We too are going to Disney very soon. I took a yellow t-shirt I found on clearance at Target and sewed the outline of the Mickey head by alternating black, white and red buttons of different sizes and styles. I used yellow thread. It came out so cute I'm making one for my mom and one for me to wear.

Gayle said...

Too cute Melissa! Have a great trip to Florida - I've never been there!