Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour

I have a lot of fun decorating for different holidays.  But as I am looking around my house I think I need more Christmas stuff.  Oh, my husband will love reading that one!  I think I had more for Halloween.  Which is not okay...
My mantle is totally different than in the past.  I found an adorable print on eighteen25's blog and had to get it printed.  Amazingly it's the perfect color for my living room.  I think it's a great focal point.

I can't get my silly stockings to not twist.  So sometimes you see the front, and sometimes you don't!
Our tree didn't change this year.  I have bought some stuff to spruce it up a little but that would require taking off all the ornaments.  Once was enough for me!  So it won't happen until next year. 

Tree's are so hard to photograph!  We have a red, white, and green, candy cane, Santa theme going on. 
Over on my curio is where I put a lot of stuff.  Seeing that I don't have any shelves or pictures put up on the walls yet, I tend to put it here instead.

I made these fun Joy stands last year from a post on shanty2chic.  It was really fun to make something from scratch all by myself (kind of).  They were great to put the how-to on there.  I think that's when I decided YES, I can make stuff!
That is almost all the decor in my living room.  I have one more table-but I need to finish one more thing up on there before I show it off...  How many more days til Christmas?  Ha :)
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Tyler and Julia said...

VERY cute! I'm so glad you started this blog Melissa, because I am very untalented when it comes to knowing how to decorate. :)

Christina said...

So cute! I always love seeing other people's decor. What great sites for me to play on! ;) Love it!

Pamela said...

What fun to tour your home! First of all, I love the title of your blog. Your mantle is so pretty with the big snowflakes and the Believe sign. Love the tree--the Santa hat is adorable on it. Thanks for sharing your home. May you have a Merry CHRISTmas!

Gayle said...

Everything looks lovely Melissa! I especially like the stockings - you're so lucky to have a fireplace & mantle!

Shelly {makingthemomentmatter} said...

Gorgeous home! I love your mantel and the joy sign. Happy holidays!

Lisa said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the way you have decorated your mantle! I also love the santa hat on your tree, very cute! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!