Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dessert Table

Remember that baby shower we had a while ago? 
I thought I would share how the dessert table turned out.  It was a lot of fun to do.  Plus, I had lots of help from my 2 cute helpers.  And when you have all that wonderful help the kitchen becomes wonderfully messy.
My decor all started with the fun tissue paper flowers.  I know they are all around but this was my first attempt making them.  They were pretty easy and I think they make a big impact.
I had a cute picture of a little girl picking at her toes.  She is sitting in all her cute chubby nakedness while she is doing this.  I think its really cute.  So it went on the table too.
We served pretzels dipped in white chocolate with pink and red sprinkles on them, this was the favorite treat by the way, rice crispy treats with heart sprinkles, and water with floating raspberries.  Everything had a little touch of pink.
So, nothing crazy.  Tried to keep it simple.


Cindy Rippe said...

Very sweet. I never think to make those paper flowers. They add a very nice touch to the decor and the pretzels look yummy!

Aubrey said...

It was so cute! Thank you! And the treats were soo good...Cambrie was excited to tell me she helped out! Thank you for all you did!!!

Anonymous said...

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